Buying an 8X tomorrow. Recommendations?

So tomorrow, my curiosity will finally get the best of me.

My last 3 phones were an iPhone 3GS, Galaxy S II, and now a Nexus 4. I freaking love the Nexus 4. It's an incredible phone. Since I take good care of my devices and keep the boxes, I've been able to sell them on craigslist at pretty good prices. By selling the iPhone and GS2, I'm going to buy an 8X with a little change to spare.

I've been rather curious about WP8 for quite a while. So I'm asking for a little advice, because I want to give WP8 a real shot (unlike some reviewers around the web). Where do I start?

I have an Outlook account (complete with the extra Skydrive data for opting in early). What are the must-have apps? For someone heavily reliant on the Google ecosystem, what apps/services would make this transition smoother?

I should note that I won't be getting rid of the Nexus 4. I'll be splitting time between the two devices.