The top 5 things I do not like about Windows Phone

Hay all,

I just bought a Lumia 928 on Verizon. I am really impressed by this phone but I have a few things I wish were different so I am going to write them up here and see if you all can help me out. It is quite possible I just do not know how to make it work.

1. Brightness- The screen on the Lumia is gorgeous, but damn is it bright. I wish there was a way to dim the thing a bit more below the low setting. Is there anyway to do this.

2. The letters above the apps on the app list. I do not like them I much prefer to scroll to find my apps as I do not have very many. The letters now make my scroll method take longer which I do not like. In conjuncture with this I wish all my camera lenses did not take up an app space I wish they were just in the camera where I will use them and allow me to pin them to the start screen/app list if I want to.

3. Sometime when I get a message/e-mail it will take a few seconds for my live tile to update. It can be very difficult to find sometimes because I scan my screen and keep moving only to come back up and see it was on a tile I had already looked at.

4. The alarm app is pathetic, no timer/stopwatch just kinda surprised me. I found a replacement app but wow. Take a look at this thing I mean I am all for the modern design language but one button...really?

5. No one press delete for pictures. I like my phone to backup to skydrive with its pictures but when I delete them on the phone they are still up on skydrive. Is there a way to keep them synced so I do not have to do the double delete dance.

What I do like is pretty much everything else. The photos are awesome, the screen is gorgeous, battery life is actually equally as good as my Iphone 4S, and everything works very well. I do not feel I am missing anything from the Iphone and many things I actually like better.

So tell me what you do not like about Windows Phone also if you have any apps I should try out that would be awesome.