iOS's App Cache Problem: Why does NOBODY say anything?

iOS was once touted as the "simple" phone that "just worked", and even praised for its minimal take of settings and modifications. And I'm guessing that its for this reason of making it just work, that Apple decided not to add a setting to clear app caches. This part isn't too surprising to me; what _is_ surprising is that no one has really said anything about it.

Using any kind of app that needs to pull data from somewhere, like Instagram, Flipboard, Facebook - or even apps that store data after using them, like Snapseed or any other camera app - those app's sizes just skyrocket up. LUCKILY, there are SOME developers who realize this issue and offer options to clear caches, namely Flipboard. But why isn't this a widespread issue? Why don't reviewers ever mention it, or users like us ever bring it up on forums? Sure, it's not so hard to reinstall an app to reset the cache, but for apps that you need to log into, it just gets tiring and irritating. After like 15 minutes of browsing through a vine feed, and the app size already triples to 300MBs.

Does Apple not hit this problem when They use iOS personally, or even during testing?

What do you think? This NEEDS to be fixed and I was hoping iOS 7 would, but it seems like it didn't. Come on Apple...