New ways of closing apps in 8.1!

UPDATE Winbeta revealed that there's a new way of closing apps in 8.1. Dragging the app down to be bottom of the screen only makes the app disappear from the app switcher, so you when you re-open it, the app is back where you left off, without having to load, just as if you hadn't closed it at all. If you want to really close the app, drag it down to the bottom and hold it there until the window turns into an app logo. This shuts the app down, so when you re-open it, it loads with the splash screen.

If you close the app just by dragging it down (without fully shutting it down), and then open it again without using another app in between, the app will reload with the splash screen.

So let's summarize:

  • Drag app down -> app disappears from app switcher; immediately back where you left off next time you open it
  • Drag app down, then immediately open it again -> app reloads from scratch
  • Drag app down and hold it until logo appears -> app fully shut down.


  • No app loading time
  • Things like IE tabs or unsaved notes are still there in case you need them when you open a closed app


  • Having closed apps running in standby mode in the background might affect performance - I personally find performance to be even better than with 8.0 though
  • Users aren't used to this new behaviour