When will the next Note tablet arrive? Any alternative suggestions?

I start the last year of my education this September and will be training in a few hospitals learning and taking patient histories so I need a device that is light, easy to hold in one hand, and most importantly, terrific for note taking/organizing. So I'm 99% sure I want the Galaxy Note 8 since it fits in my lab coat pocket and the side pocket on my scrubs and because it has that amazing S pen which when combined with the swype keyboard is immensely fast (which I know is amazing since I am in love with it on my Note 2 phone). My only question is, will there be a new version of the note 8 arriving come September? If so, are there any details. I figure the android army may know something I don't so Ill appreciate any help as well as alternative suggestions if you have good reasons. Keep in mind I will be using it for taking lecture notes 1 day a week as well so I will likely buy a small Bluetooth keyboard.

Thanks in advance to any responders!