Someone should do cyanogenmod out of the box.

I seriously dont understand the logic about OEMs making "stock" android phones. If you are making a phone for a power user then stock doesnt cut it. Cyanogenmod is the most complete, user friendly and thoughtful android modification you can find. There are a ton of useful features over stock android and yet none of them get in the way of the pure android experience. Pretty much every enhancement can be turned off if you dont want it.

The only problem that people face with cyanogenmod is the same as with custom roms and that is bugs and stability. ASOP devices like nexus typically have the least issues but still there is the whole procedure of doing it and its still sometimes not nearly as stable as stock. On non nexus phones on the other hand it can sometimes turn out to be quite a horrible experience so that obviously puts people off.

But if some OEM decides to do it then you know it would be completely stable and that there would be the perfect scenario. I would be completely sold on such a phone as long as it has good hardware as well obviously.

For those of you who have never used cyanogenmod or any custom rom based on it then you dont really know how much the little little enhancements change the experience and make your smartphone life easier. And I can assure you there is not a single user who would rather have stock android instead of stable cyanogenmod out of the box because none of the extra features get in the way of the pure experience.

So who here wants such a phone?