Don't buy a Nokia Lumia outright in Australia

If you are an Australian customer don't buy a Nokia Lumia outright you'll be found left for dead should your phone have an issue.

Nokia's repair service is one of the worst.
+ Placed on hold for hours.
+ Asked the same questions 3x times by various operators in one call.
+ Never once got told a status of the repair.
+ When questioned - I get a reply 'don't worry' which is extremely disconcerting when I am worried.

And this was for a new Lumia that is just 3 months old.

I regret getting a Nokia now and probably never will no matter how many mega pixels are in the camera - knowing when things stuff up you're on your own.

If you do want to get a Nokia I recommend getting one on a plan from a carrier, that way you'll recieve a replacement handset whilst your phone is getting fixed.

It's been three weeks - fourth call and usual reply 'don't worry'.

I'm worried - NOKIA, If this is how you treat customers, I'm going back to HTC or SAMSUNG, my HTC broke once and had a good repair experience. My two Samsungs never broke or gave the issues I've had with the NOKIA handset.