SGS4 Google edition (Europe)


I've been reading all the posts here on the verge for the last month, because I'm tired of my iPhone 5 which is not worth what it's worth... Plus I want some change.

I hesitated between the N4, then I told myself I didn't need the latest smartphone so perhaps the SGS3 or One X, etc. But eventually I focused on the SGS4 and the One.

My father has the Xperia Z but I don't really like it - washed out colours, not comfy in hands.

I also considered the Lumia 920 for a while but the lack of app turned me off!

So, SGS4 won, I don't want a phone where I will be too careful with it, putting it on the table slowly etc. I want a phone without a case so I can plug the 3.5mm jack without removing the case etc.

The thing is... Stock android seems to be the way to go and it can't be found in Europe, unless Samsung does release an AOSP (??) version for SGS4 Touchwizz.

My questions are:

- Will the SGS4 stock android be release in Europe? If so, when?

- Will Samsung release a stock android for those who already have a Touchwizz version?

- What is an AOSP? Is it different from rooting your device and flashing it?

I get confused with AOSP, rooting, flashing, kernel, etc..

Thanks for reading and any help & advice you could provide me :)