I would love to work in an electronics store and heres why

Now I have never worked in retail so I not entirely sure how everything works. Yet I always wanted to work at an electronics because I love helping people learn about technology. Now I may be required to sell more of something to meet a quota (I guess it would depend on the store). Personally I get a little annoyed when a person at say Fry's Electronics or Best Buy does not no as much as I do about computers or tech in general. Now I know its not their fault but come on! You should at least answer a simple question. I asked one guy in the laptop section at Fry's "Do you think you will have for ultrabooks later in the year?" He said: I don't know. Now maybe he really did not know. Yet he could at least lie and say sure or something. Anyways my only issues is I don't like pushing things on people. If you want a Mac you can get a Mac. If you want a Windows Phone go for it. If you want a dumb phone go get one. I just love technology in general I have since I was little. I honestly want to teach people about all the options out there and then see what they would like best. What do you guys think?