Something I realised...

So after waiting 2 months since the HTC One's release for my dad's 2 year contract to run out we finally went yesterday to get it. And on the way, I thought to myself, hold on, he doesn't do backups, where are his music, contacts etc.. going to go? And due to the lack of SD Slot on the iPhone and HTC One, it's not as simple as it would be for me to take the card out and put it in the new phone with everything there. Then I thought, where does he put the SIM Card if the back is non removable? (This was before I saw it was one of those key type ones.)

But the thing I realised is, people have criticised the HTC One for no removable battery and no External SD Slot. But on my dad's iPhone 4, there was no External SD Slot. Where is Apple's criticism for that when he only had the 8GB model? The battery is also not removable, but again Apple are not criticised for it.

The final thing I realised is that we probably complain over nothing. My dad had that 8GB model for 2 years, and has so much (terrible) music I can't even count, he has over 1,000 contacts stored, 6 full pages of Apps, not counting the folders, and never once has his phone had low memory. He just got the 32GB model of the HTC One, and if he couldn't even fill 8GB of internal storage in 2 years, there's no need for an external SD slot.

As for the removable battery I can't say anything about that, but in my experience of having always had removable batteries and the option to put another battery in my phone, I never once have or have needed to.

So do *you* need an External SD and removable battery? I don't.