Got a Nokia Lumia 800 last year, thinking of a new phone. Should I go back to WP8?


Early last year, Nokia launched the Lumia 800 here in Malaysia. Their promotion was that the first 100 people in line that morning would get a free pair of Nokia Monster Purity HD headphones, a Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse and also, a Nokia backpack (that was more of an after thought). Needless to say with my initial interest in the partnership between Nokia and Microsoft, and with the Android scene not at it's most competitive then (No HTC One X, no Samsung Galaxy S3 (yuck) ) I jumped the gun and bought it.

I loved it.

It was smooth and fluid, everything worked seamlessly. But soon I realized a few flaws. I love taking videos of my friends, and there was only 720p, no stereo recording and worst of all, no image stabilization. Shaky as hell. Apps, as always with Windows Phone was lacking and that too was annoying. I think these few things are really pushing me to get a new phone, with other devices boasting these features as standard.

I'm now thinking of getting a new phone and while I'm swaying a little to the iPhone (I've never owned one before), Nokia's latest offering is really tempting. So anyone here had the same dilemma and wish to impart some advice?