Should I root my Nexus 4?


So. I know that this question has been thrown around quite a bit already, so lemme tell you why I'm still expecting a response that is more relevant to me:

Firstly, this question is different from any "Should I root my x phone" question because it is the Nexus 4. From my (very limited) knowledge, I understand that the main reason why people root their phones is to get rid of the bloatware on the phone (carrier apps, touchviz-motoblur, etc). That isn't necessary on the Nexus 4.

Another reason people root their phone is for battery and performance improvements, but again, from what I've heard, results in those two areas are very inconsistent.

Also - does it void my warranty? Does un-rooting a phone fix that? I need complete knowledge of this issue before I proceed.

I've used my Nexus 4 for almost three months now. I don't think that I need to root it, but stuff like Paranoid Android seems really interesting. I also want to try messing with dpi setting, see what the phablet version of some of my highly used apps would look like on my nexus 4.

So after all that. Should I root my Nexus 4?

Bonus question, name your top five most favourite and top five most bizarre android personalization roms/mods/hacks that are root only.