App Tips for users old and new.

Many of us, including myself use multiple apps every single day, for me, I mostly use social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare and Instagram.

We all use our phones multiple times each and everyday, apps update all the time and I always find neat features in apps I never knew existed and may have existed for months, even years before I knew they were there.

I wanted to create this post so we could all share our favourite little tips and tricks with our favourite apps. I thought i'd share first with a few tips I use with my most used apps.

And hey, maybe we can all learn something new and make our app browsing more enjoyable and efficient.


Along the bottom are 4 tabs; Home, Connect, Discover and Me. Swiping directly up from the me tab takes you directly to your direct messages whilst swiping directly to the left allows you to switch between accounts if you have multiple.


Swiping to the left on any photo takes you directly to all the comments related to that photo.

Pressing and holding the blue shutter button automatically selects the most recent image in your camera roll and takes you to the 'Scale and Crop' section.


When clicking the large check in button in the middle of the screen pressing and holding on the location you are currently at will automatically check you in, that is if you don't want to add a photo, say what you are doing or who you are with.


Holding the compose icon down for a few seconds will automatically take you to your drafts.

Keyboard (Any App)

If you want to type a number quickly and then revert back to letters when clicking '123' do not let go just drag your finger to the number you want, the keyboard will then automatically revert back to letters.


Although this does not add any functionality if you can pull down far enough there is a little Apple logo engraved in the wood.

Multitasking Bar

Although you may not have a clear all option, you can if you use two fingers clear two apps at a time, which if you're like me and sometimes can forget to quit apps can save me a lot of time.

I hope you enjoy my little selection of hints and tips, and although mine are all for iOS i'm certain there are many more tips I do not know about and on all platforms.

Feel free to share you're and tell me your thoughts!