as Apple users, lovers of great design, former or current Windows users that appreciate what OSX/iOS offer...

...what kinds of articles do you wish more tech blogs like The Verge would cover? granted, they already do a spectacular job with their current work, but is there something more?

how-to articles? if so, of what?

guides for newbies? recommendations?

reviews of other types of tech besides computers, cameras, and mobile devices? if so, of what?

more interviews with the people responsible for the tech we use? app developers and designers, perhaps?

etc. etc. etc...

sorry to make it sound like a survey, but I'm just genuinely interested. :) i follow tons of tech blogs and sometimes I feel like they all seem to talk about the same things. what I like most about The Verge are their long-form brilliantly written editorials and high-quality videos. iMore also does a great job covering all things Apple.