iOS Clock Prediction (Concept)

Hey guys!

I just downloaded my WWDC App and I liked the new design. I think it, along with many of Apple's newest iOS software, is a slight hint as to what we might see from iOS 7. If you look at the iOS 6 Clock App (on iPhone) it's been the same since the beginning! Now take a look at the Clock app on iPad, not only is the icon much nicer looking but the design is completely different with a more modern, less skeumorphic design. With this said I believe that Jonny Ive has been making the interface less skeumorphic, not flat, and black and white. I took a shot at redesigning the Clock app and brushed up on photoshop skillz, this is what I made:

Now, before I get hate, I am fully aware that I didn't change the icons in the navigation bar. I was too lazy, it was going to be pretty hard (for me) to get the right effect... so I left it! At the top of the screen you see the world clock, you can swipe between your world clocks or drag down to see the map below them. This was heavily inspired by the iPad app. If you tap on the clock it will become full screen just like what happens on the iPad. Under that you can see a list of your timers and alarms. Swiping on the alarm (from right to left) will turn it off. Swiping from left to right will allow you to delete it. For alarms, a swipe from left to right allows you to pause or stop the timer while swiping from the right to left will add a minute to the time ( in settings you can change that to subtract a minute instead). I have some cool ideas for the other tabs/sections of the app and I plan to make a concept video showing off the interface gestures. For now thats all I have, thanks for taking a look

Please tell me what you think! Do you like this flat-ish design, the aqua, or skeumorphic?