One of the Many Annoying things about Xbox Music on WP8

I have recently moved from a wp7 HD7 to a HTC 8X WP8. I have cloud collection turned off on my when I search for an album that i have previously downloaded ( now what it is stored in the cloud ) and is not currently on my device it recognises that I have downloaded it previously by say " in collection " coming from windows phone 7 in collection mean it was on the device. I could deal with this oversight if there was a simple way to download the album; there is not. If I want to download an album or even a song I have to play the song individual streaming from the cloud collection then tell it to download from the sub menu. This is simply not acceptable. There should be a differentiation between in cloud collection and on device and a prompt to allow you to download it more easily. I know I can sync it with windows but that is not the point , the reasoning behind the cloud collection is in part to remove the pc from any syncing but instead you are nearly required to use a pc now. I understand Microsoft was busy changing over the kernel and probably overlooked many things that they should have fixed but surely someone that works at the company uses the phone and notices things inadequacies.