Industrial Design Student in Search of Laptop

I'm currently in the hunt for a new laptop as I go away to school. As an industrial design student design and power are two of the most important features to me. I will be running Autocad in addition to Photoshop and After Effects extremely often. I also want the ability to draw into the laptop as I will often need to sketch designs ( I currently have a bamboo tablet so this isn't a must). What computer would you suggest for me to buy? I have been looking at the new Dell XPS12 and the Lenovo Yoga. I'm also coming from a 25 inch screen so I expect the step down in screen size to be rather bothersome. What would you say is the best the best 20"ish 1080 desktop monitor for a reasonable price? Oh and as you can tell by me asking in this forum macs are not an option for me.

Thank you for your help.