Galaxy S4 Users - What Software Features Do You Actually Use?

Just that really.

Reviews seemed to be tied between "some of this stuff is really useful" and "most of this stuff is novelty/bloatware".

So I'm really interested to hear from owners (now some people have had the phone for a while) what features you actually use on a day to day basis, and not necessarily just the ones Samsung made a big deal out of.



I don't have an S4, but one of the features that looks good to me is the 'wave to wake up'...simply because my phone sits next to me on a desk all day.

So what small or big software features make the S4 good to live with, and what is the junk that you never used again after trying it out once maybe?

* As an aside how do you find the screen? Lots of reviews (comparisons to the One/iPhone) say it's not very bright. I know it's all relative, but do you find that to be the case?