Laptop stickers - Why...why...why...why...why?

So I just read David's VAIO review and he mentioned the stupid stickers on there that of course every windows laptop has.

I even just tried to pull the stickers off my own old samsung laptop and it's like they're stuck down with superglue or something.

What's the deal with this? Do I really need an nvidia geoforce sticker to look at everyday?

Who mandates these things? Do intel insist on one when you use their processor? Why is there a windows 7 sticker is that MS's doing or the OEM?

Do all windows laptops have these stickers and are they required to? And who wants to spend 1000+ on high end kit only to have horrible stickers ruining the look of it.

Aside from that (and back to the VAIO) MS really need to make a class leading tech tour-de-force laptop imo, just like the Pixel. The OEMs never seem to quite get there.

Rant over/