Multi-view on the GS4 and the Note 2. Your experiences:

Reading the thread Galaxy S4 Users - What Software Features Do You Actually Use? I started to think about my own experiences with Multiview on my i747 Galaxy S3.

I've run a few ROM's Synergy, Wicked Sensations, that are all Touch Wiz based and feature multi window. Synergy (at the time) was by far the most advanced (offering floating windows, customizable bars etc.) But i always found that two apps at a time never gave any room for content in either apps.

It seems more like the apps are overal designed to take up the entire screen ~ therefore the menu systems and selection systems seem to be as large as the view for the content / assets they are showing. This is worse on the 4.8" 720p screen on my GS3, than it is on a note 2, for example:



verses it's slightly younger brother the note 2:



I'm wondering how those of you on the new gs4 are fairing, with the 4.9" screen; as on my gs3, multi view wasn't enough to get me to stay with a TW rom. Do you guys (on the new gs4) use multi view? Do you feel it's useful and you can see enough actual content in it?