Convince me to buy a Windows 8 laptop over a Macbook

Hi. I am currently at a crossroads.

To start, here is my ecosystem history: I use both gmail and services. I'm probably going to buy a new computer this summer or fall, and I am in between ecosystems right now. I had an iPhone 3GS and an original iPad years ago, but switched to WP7, and a nexus 7, and recently got a Lumia 920. I have been using a windows computer with windows 7, but upgraded to Windows 8 in January, however, since it is about a 4 year old laptop, I almost only use the desktop in Windows 8.

I recently traded in my nexus 7 for an iPad mini, and I love it. My Lumia 920 isn't working though, and it'll cost about $200 to repair it. Therefore, I am using an iPhone 4 for now, and even though I loved WP8, I can't ignore how much better the apps are on an iPhone, and the ubiquity of an iPhone is surprisingly very nice. I don't have to explain anyone how to use it, and I kind of enjoy instagram, snapchat, and vine, which won't come to WP8 for probably a couple years. Also, I am surprised how much i like iMessage.

I will certainly keep the iPad mini, and am strongly leaning towards switching back to an iPhone (although I will dearly miss the Lumia 920's camera and Skydrive integration, as well as live tiles and lockscreen).

Basically, now that you know my ecosystem history (and I think I'm fairly platform agnostic) I need to know what laptop to buy. I have planned on getting a W8 convertible for the past year (Lenovo Yoga 13), as I love the aesthetic of it, and I think Windows 8 and 8.1 looks pretty impressive so far. However, with an iPhone and iPad, I think have to consider a Macbook Air (or 13" Retina, but that's kind of expensive), but I have never owned a Mac. Convince me why I should get a touchscreen convertible over a Macbook. I've posted the opposite question to the Apple Core too, so feel free to defend both sides.

Thanks for your advice!