Laptop/Tablet Recommendations

I'm in the market for a new laptop. My current laptop is great and I have Windows 8 installed on it, but I just feel like I'm missing out on the whole OS by not having a touchscreen.

I am a software developer for a living, so I need something with a decent amount of power (i5 or greater). I've always gone with the biggest, baddest machine I could find, but am now looking to sacrifice some performance for the sake of everyday usability.

I like the idea of a Surface Pro, which could serve as a daily use machine, but it just wouldn't be comfortable for lap use. I'm not specifically looking for just the "best Windows 8 ultrabook", but would like something that can be dual purpose and serve as a laptop and additionally as a tablet (sitting on the couch browsing the web, checking email, etc.).

So, in summary, here are my requirements:

  1. At least an i5
  2. Touchscreen
  3. Tablet/Convertible for everyday use
  4. Haswell would be ideal if buying now, might as well get latest

I'd love to hear some recommendations. Thanks in advance.