I am going to say what's on everyone's mind:

here's hoping and prayer that EOS can finally take half-decent daytime pictures.

question to techies: besides the 41 mps, what did the pureview 808 camera offer? did it take decent daytime pictures? does anyone here own an 808? hopefully someone can shed some light into the camera of the 808.

also how many people are pleasantly surprised by the size of the hump? when i heard of it at first, i thought it was going to be this giant hump but it's really just another 920 with slightly thicker center. when this comes to at&t i will take the 920 and test its camera right there inside the store in daylight in the late afternoon/early evening which is when the 920 sucks the most. otherwise, anyone excited?

oh and how many guys are sick and tired of phandroids sayin they wished it had 1080 or android or water resistance and stuff? i really dont care about more resolution or screen size. i just want a decent camera. it does not even have to be that great.