Do we need 1080p screens?



First, before somebody jumps in with "we don't really need most things, though", I understand that, but 1080p screens on mobiles just seems like they come with too large a drawback at the moment.

- Higher resolutions put more strain on the processor.

- Powering higher resolution screens decreases battery life.

- On my One X I can't see any pixels from all but the closest distance, and it has a 720p screen.

With mobiles, it seems like companies are just using screens as another spec war device, it's like when companies used to just throw as many megapixels into a camera as possible to say they had them. Outside of spec bragging, what advantage does a 1080p screen have, given it's used to display the same elements at the same size? Give me a phone with a high quality 720p display, better battery life and faster navigation any day of the week.

So, my question to you is, do you think 1080p screens are worth it at the moment?