Will microsoft repeat its resolution mistake with WP8.1? A call for 900p handsets.

I was very disappointed with microsoft when the WP8 upgrade only added 720x1280 (16:9) and 768x1280 (not sure what this strange aspect ratio is) to the existing 480x800 supported resolution. Where was qHD 540x960? With 540p, WP8 could have delivered some nice midrange phones, whose main complaints were the last-gen 480x800 display, which were last gen even for low end phones. Additionally, Nokia could have differentiated their 520/620/720/820 lines by giving perhaps the latter two 540p displays and the former two 480p displays - or just give them all 540p displays.

Now, MSFT will add 1080p displays. But I have a complaint- 1080 essentially ensures that the phone will be MASSIVE. 4.7 inch minimum, I suspect. It's already resolution overkill on 4.7 inch phones, so it ensures (stupidly) that all 1080p hero/flagships will be absolutely huge. You thought the 920 was big with a 4.5 inch display? Well, brace yourself for an even bigger lumia with a 1080p display.

No. Microsoft doesn't need to do that. Microsoft should still support 1080p, but I want them to make a smart move that android hasn't so far: give a 900x1600 (or whatever unique aspect ratio MSFT uses) resolution display option. This will allow us to have 4.3-4.7 inch hero devices that still have absolutely kick-ass displays, especially given that HTC and Nokia are 2 of the best when it comes to great display qualities.

Perhaps this one isn't within Microsoft's control, and more in control of display producers like Sharp. Well, I hope MSFT at least tries because I feel like they are treating WP as an afterthought right now - where's the news? Where's the updated notification center that they reportedly didn't have enough time to finish? All I hear about is RT8.1 and Windows 8.1 which will be great - 'specially since I'm gonna buy myself a new lappy this summer - but I'm a die-hard windows phone fan more than anything, and right now, I'm about to lose faith. We're on the cusp of breaking into mainstream phones, but just an inch away. Why aren't you giving it your 100% microsoft?

And again, I'm not saying 1080p is bad - I expect Samsung to release a GS4 clone running WP8 in the fall just like they did with the S3 Ativ S smartphone, which will probably be a great handset. But please, support more resolutions while you are at it and give companies like HTC and Nokia who are struggling more options. Nokia is really trying to do all they can, with all their insane releases right now. Don't screw 'em over please.