Technology has become high fashion, or at least is trying desperately to do so. The gee-whiz factor of gadgets has worn off, and more and more we're now just trying to integrate them into our regular lives, and make them not only more powerful, but more attractive. Whether it's the Jawbone Up or Google Glass, companies are trying to find ways to make gadgets as stylish as they are powerful.

But "stylish" may be harder for Jawbone and HP to achieve than we thought. That's why I was curious to check out Citizen's $495 Eco-Drive Proximity watch; Citizen has a long history of making beautiful, stylish watches, and now the company's trying to inject some 21st-century computing into the equation. Unlike the Pebble, which is essentially the modern equivalent of a calculator watch — useful, but not exactly what you'd call "classy" — Citizen already has cool cornered, and now it wants to quietly slip a gadget underneath. Can it pull it off? And, perhaps more importantly, are Tom Ford, Rolex, Manolo Blahnik, and Tiffany's about to become the electronics manufacturers to watch?