Google Hangouts issues

I was pretty pleased to see the new Hangouts app come through after I/O, especially to have access to Google chat services on my iPad (I use a n4, laptop and iPad) but increasingly, I've been experiencing issues with the service.

Sometimes, it works flawlessly, with the notifications coming in properly and quickly on all my devices (if I'm on my PC, and I have gmail open, I'll get a notif for a message, and a few seconds later, if left unattended on my PC I will get a notif on my phone / iPad).

However, it has been bugging out more and more recently; not receiving the messages on my phone at all when I'm away from my PC - they only come through when I actually open the app on my phone (to send a message) and then I'll get hit with notifs.

Other people I know seem to be experiencing similar issues, as well as the app being slow in general on older phones, as well as much more needy in terms of signal: sending messages on Edge whilst in the subway is now an issue, when it used to be instant on Talk.

Has anyone else been getting these issues? Is there anyway around it? A way to prioritise notifs to my phone or something? A part from constantly having to close gmail whilst away from my PC? Maybe I should just try DCing my iPad from Hangouts...