The upcoming EOS is making this Android user thinking about switching. A few Q's....

I'm really looking forward to the EOS. However I have some questions about the phone and Microsoft Ecosystem / Apps:

  • Will the EOS have the same sensor and imaging capabilities as the 808?
  • How is the App situation looking? My most used apps on my S3 are: Soundcloud, Whatsapp, FB, Twitter, Instagram, Dropbox and My Fitness Pal
  • If I moved to my old hotmail address, are there tightly integrated MS equivalents of Drive, Keep, Gmail, Maps / Navigation?
  • Does WP8 have a similar method to share almost anything via anything?
  • Does WP8 have the ability to set default apps?
If the camera is on par with the 808's I will seriously consider an EOS for my next phone. There is nothing in Android land that excites me hardware wise.
Thanks for your help!