Microserfs: a weekly community thread- Microsoft reimagined (June 7-13)

Microserfs, a throwback to the Tribe's original name, is a weekly thread dedicated to discussing all things Microsoft, whether it be a retrospective thought, a current event, or future looking predictions. So stop by, join the conversation, and please remember, as always, to keep it clean and to not feed the trolls.


Aero to Metro. Xbox One and the next generation of gaming. From Windows Mobile to Windows Phone. Hotmail upgraded to Outlook. Office sent to the cloud. The list goes on and on. Microsoft has become a very different company on the outside as of late, and it looks like Ballmer and the crew in Redmond want to take shake up the interior to better match its new shiny exterior.

Rumor has it that Microsoft is planning a large internal restructuring that will divide the company into four new areas: operating systems, applications and services, hardware, and an enterprise business. These divisions reportedly will be lead by big names like Don Mattrick, Satya Nadella, Qi Lu, Tony Bates, Terry Myerson, and Julie Larson-Green.

I'm curious to know what all of you think of this new structure, and whether you think it will help keep the company on the right track, and set it up to continue innovating in the future. Will this new structure end the long history of rumored internal power struggles and great strife?

Sound off in the comments with your thoughts on the proposal for a reimagined Microsoft that will match the change brought in Microsoft's recent product updates!