My issue with 24-hour checks with Xbox One. I'm not crazy. Trust me :)

Now, we learned officially today that the Xbox One will require you to ping a server once every 24-hours in order to them video games to function.

The always-online thing doesn't bother me unless you have a good reason for it. I mean, an online competitive game or an MMO has a good reason. It's designed that way. Can't be done any other way. But, they can also be done without a system requiring you to ping a server once every 24-hours. And they have been done. LoL is one of, if not, the biggest games in the world on a platform that doesn't require 24-hour checks to make sure you aren't doing "bad person" things. I know the game is online, but I hope you see my point. The "box" not pinging a server once every 24-hours doesn't limit anyone. Same with amazing games, like, Portal, Half Life, Mirror's Edge, Skyrim, Fallout and whatnot.

"We could have made another offline console, but then offline would have been the lowest common denominator design point for developers. We chose to take the progressive path."

That was said by Don Mattrick.

My issue isn't the online itself, it's piss poor and insulting reasoning behind it and what they are saying in public. He is right in saying that an offline mode would make it so that is the lowest common denominator. Xbox 360 ships with units that don't have a HDD and that is the lowest common denominator. But, that didn't stop 343i from making it so Halo 4 requires a HDD in order for you to play MP. But, I digress. How has an "offline mode" stopped anyone on the PC? or any platform, for that matter from creating something totally amazing?. And, why is it a bad thing for it to be the lowest common denominator?

He insinuates that it, somehow, limits a developer if the system isn't pinging a server once every 24-hours. In what world is that the case? How dumb do they think people are? And I know I'm being reductive about what he said.

Today Titanfall was leaked. Respawn's new and, hopefully, totally insane action game for Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC. It will use the cloud to help with AI and physics calculations. The latter 2 platforms are systems with no 24-hour online check to make sure you aren't, well, "stealing" a game. Not sure about what the 360 version is going to be like. It could be different enough game from the other 2 platforms. Similar to Splinter Cell: Double Agent on Xbox and Xbox 360. But, by this game being on PC it makes them seem 10x as clueless as they otherwise would be. It makes their reasoning behind the 24-hour checks even more insane than it already is. Especially when a BUNCH of cross-gen games are coming that will be totally playable offline all the time, except the Xbox One and maybe PS4? Who knows on the latter.

I know that he doesn't actually mean what he said. No one is that glib. We "know" why there is a 24-hour check and it isn't out of altruism or good will. It's a bigger issue with publishers and whatnot.

But, are they happy to make themselves out to be the dumbest company alive with what they say and do in public? I mean, seriously? What the fuck!?

MS logic: "We'll announce it as needing a connection every 24-hours and have said games on it appear on other platforms with no such restriction and say "Deal with it". Because, you know, for the luls and the great PR we get from it."

I hope people at least see why it does bother some that this exists. . I understand things need to move "forward" and they will. But don't treat me like a infant who doesn't know the difference between a thumb and an SUV. I know you're with pubs trying to have as much control as possible over what people do with the stuff they legally buy, or in some instances, illegally obtain.

The problem is they are treating you like you're an idiot. I would at least like to see some more, for lack of a better term, opposition from people who say "what's the deal?". It should be clear. I hope.

I rambled a lot.and, probably, messed up spelling and syntax a lot. I just wanted to get it out of my head. It's just super annoying THIS, OF ALL THINGS, is their reason to tell the public who is pretty annoyed by it.

Anyway, here's a kitty to lighten the mood: