Google Now just crossed the line.... Trying to sell me crap ON MY LOCK SCREEN

Quick notes about me:

1. I love Google Now, it's been getting better and better: predictive ability has gone up and it's becoming more and more comprehensive

2. I'm not shy about privacy issues

3. I understand how commercialization and Google's business model works

That being said, Google just crossed the line in a big way. I was just given an album recommendation to purchase in my Google now stream. What's more, it was highlighted in my lock screen as the first thing I see when I unlock my screen.



This is a HUGE violation of the personal nature of my phone and SCREAMS commercialization. Google is telling me to buy something on my lock screen! That's INSANE!!!! The lock screen (as well as the notification bar and home screen) IS SACRED. Don't hit me with ads there. If you do, I promise to stop using Android if I cannot find a way to block them.

I really can't get over how much this is bothering me. It's damn near offensive and is enough for me to stop using Google Now and think even more carefully about all of the Google services I use. THIS IS A HORRIBLE PRACTICE. As I mentioned, I don't consider myself to be shy about sharing most things and I am very tech friendly, but this just crossed the line.

Has anybody else had experience with this? Do you know how I can disable this kind of crap? I tried clicking the "info" button next to the card in Google Now to see if there was a 'Disable cards like this' option, but there was none.