What will Apple learn from Android at WWDC

In other words what do you think Apple will bring to their platform that's "Inspired" by Android? We've already heard about the possibility of them opening up at least enough to allow Devs to plug into their api to design keyboards.

We also know there will be a total redesign of iOS. Flat design which sounds more like Windows Phone. As for me here's what I hope to see...

1. Open api for keyboards (Android)

2. Notification Shade redone (Android)

3. Google Music (I think they already have that)

4. New Design (I can do with or without widgets)

5. Siri updated to compete with Google Now.

I'm sure I can't be the only one here who loves all technology and who loves both platforms. I think Google and Apple can both learn from each other. What do you expect to see (Inspired by Android).