Behind The Google Experience (Feature)


A little under nine months ago we heard rumors that Google would be releasing multiple Nexus devices. Well that's what we heard, it's not up until now that we are seeing that come to light. However, it's not really Google releasing these devices it's the OEM's. In many ways the OEM's are playing a very major role in the Google Experience. For Example HTC could not just simply release the ONE with Stock Android, they wanted to leave Beats, BoomSound, and their Ultra Pixel camera on the device. With that comes a few kinks to work out, in order for them to maintain a pure Google Experience things such as Zoe's and Highlights won't be available.

Samsung is no exception either, leaving all the sensors and designed hardware in place they've stripped away Touchwiz for AOSP, however yet once again just like HTC, the sensors will still be available and active for use with other apps. Google's push to offer up these devices won't come cheap, depending on how you priorities you could either be losing out on money and a better experience or you could be gaining a much more superior experience unlocked with 4G LTE and the best in class hardware with software updates directly from Google and an experience that's not bloated down.


A source with knowledge of the matter told Android Authority that one other "Google Edition" phone is coming this year, along with one X Phone.

Sources are reporting that Google will only release 3 of these devices this year. That includes HTC, Samsung & runner up being Sony, according to Pocket Now & Android Authority.

"Apparently Google is planning to release three and only three of these Google Edition phones this year. Sony’s been suggested as a candidate with a GE Xperia Z, more importantly, if true it means that Google plans to keep the program relatively restrained, and we won’t be seeing half a dozen such models."


As for the Moto X, this source attempts to dismiss earlier rumors that we might see a whole family of X devices, and claims that the Moto X itself is all we’re getting – at least for this year.

Forum Moderator Jennifer Stough from Android Central made the following statement;

"I think it's good for the smart phone industry and good for the consumers to have variety, and now you aren't limited to the Nexus line for a stock Android experience. However, I feel like putting stock Android on phones that are so feature rich is a bit of a waste. The S4 will lose most of its features and gestures that are Touchwiz dependent, and the ONE will lose Zoes/Picture Highlights, and will most likely suffer in the camera department without it's Sense counterparts. I see these phones being marketed more towards developers as opposed to people who really want the Vanilla Android experience. For a lesser price, you could get a carrier version, unlock and root, and flash AOSP."

I for one actually take her point well into consideration and agree 100% - So in this case I would be taking a loss. However there are other's who share a different view entirely.


So what's really the point behind this whole "Google Experience"? Honestly I'm not sure, it could be several or just one of the following reasons.

1. Google want's to get AOSP into as many hands a possible.

2. There's a point to be tested and proven, maybe there's more of a demand for custom OEM builds of Android and less of a demand for AOSP. (This works in favor of the OEM's.

3. Google just want's to make sure there's variety.

Or maybe there's a bigger picture here that everyone is missing. As for right now no one knows what's really behind the Google Experience. One thing is for sure, we will know soon.

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