Do you think Microsoft has stuff up their sleeves?

One of the things I always wonder when Microsoft either takes forever to do something or seemingly ignores a major user request, is whether they actually have a major project in the works, ready for a big reveal. Now, this is a hope that is often dashed, but still the thought occurs.

For instance, I've wondered if they've taken so long on a Modern Office release because maybe they've been cooking up something big. One Note got released on it's own, and it was almost a kind of demo/beta for what might end up in the rest of Office. Maybe they're trying to get it perfect and feature complete. Maybe they're trying to avoid the long wait following an announcement and will suddenly spring it on people, out of the blue. Probably not, but it would be cool.

And Windows. Maybe they're playing with us. I thought it was cool how people were wanting to boot to desktop, and when it showed up, it actually had more features than people were hoping for (boot to app screen, boot to app, etc.) Given the the online talk about the Start menu, MS knows a couple of things. One is that a fair number of people really want it. The other is that even if they give in on all other requests, people will still be complaining if there's no Start Menu. So, either the likeliest scenario is true, and that what we know about 8.1 is all there is, and Microsoft is resigned to suffer the critical PR and bad mood of a good number of customers, or...

What if they've kept something back? Kept it out of the leaked builds. Top secret, hush-hush. The biggest complaint is the Start Menu, a smaller but relevant complaint is windowed Modern apps (like Stardock's ModernMix). What if they brought all that out, and maybe more (for example, Modern app Live Tiles on the desktop is one)? People would flip out and be praising 8.1 to high heaven (hyperbolic praise to compensate for the hyperbolic criticism). I mean, it's what I'd do.

But probably not, right? Most likely what has been announced so far is what we'll get and MS will keep having image problems for Windows 8 dragging them down. Anyone else ever have pipe dreams like this? :)