Steve Jobs design paradox

As I'm checking out these amazing OS X and iOS 7 minimalist design posters for Monday's WWDC, I can't help but realize what a paradox Steve Jobs was. These extremely minimalistic Helvetica Neu Ultra Light posters are so strikingly simple yet profoundly beautiful, I can't help get excited for the Jony Ive era of software to begin.

But what I can't understand about Steve Jobs is how could he be so into tasteful, minimalistic industrial design, and such a big fan of skeumorphic photorealistic software design. The more I think about it, the more I realize how perfect this new Jony Ive led design language is for Apple's products.

I'm not bashing skeumorphism and photorealistic design, I was a HUGE FAN back in 2007 when Apple showed off the iPhone, and was amazed in 2010 when Steve Jobs showed the "page flip effect on the iPad...but I think most of us can agree its time has come and gone.

Flat minimalistic design is in, but shouldn't steve Jobs have been all about this from the begining? It seems like Apple should have been the ones to do Metro before Microsoft, because it just goes with Steve Job's minimalist design leanings. As a big defender of Skeumorphic design, I didn't see it then...but I definitly see it now.

Very excited for Monday, if these banners are anything to judge, the new Ive era is going to be sublime.