The best laptop manufacturer of 2013-2014.

As many of y'all have noticed, things are a-changin'. We have a lot of players- asus, acer, dell, hp, toshiba, sony, samsung, lenovo- to name the biggest and most significant. It's a mixbag of old and new, but most of all - changing. Last year, we saw Lenovo confirming its newly held dominance, Samsung continuing it's decency with laptops (though notably, not focus as much on their laptops as with their phones), and Asus proving that they are not a low quality company - quite the contrary actually. The rest, bar apple, have sort of faltered.

Now we have two new areas of improvement: a 2nd, more polished round of new form factors, and better processors to give more freedom to battery and resolution. Which company will take the most advantage?

My personal thoughts - EAGERLY waiting on what Lenovo will release. To be honest, not very excited about the helix- doesn't look great to me. They need to do something new, either refresh&polish or introduce a new line, cause I'm buying a laptop this summer. Also watching out for Samsung, since they're also due for a huge update since they haven't touched the series 9 for a year - it doesn't even have a touchscreen option yet. Also, not sure what they are gonna do with their new "Ativ" branding, which opens up more possibilities. Sony let me down with the pro- showed they put in effort which I appreciate, but ultimately that they aren't the most talented/careful bunch. Same goes for Toshiba, and competition is good. Also I like how Asus/Acer are trying pretty hard; the S7 and zenbook infinite look amazing and will be awesome flagships. One of those might be the one for me, if Samsung/Lenovo don't deliver hard or fast enough. And I'm not getting HP/Dell since I told myself I'd never get another HP/Dell again in my life.