HTC M4 vs. Nokia Lumia 720

I'm going to buy a unlocked phone coming from a ipod touch (4th gen if you wanted to know) and just wanted to know what you people think. I really like the design of both phones (if the M4 looks like the one) and and they both are or probably going to be in the 300-380$ range. I am in love with how Windows Phone 8 looks like but I don't know if is really ready yet. It is also obviously lacks lots of apps but i'm not that much of a power user. Windows phone just needs time in my opinion and I am ready to wait because the M4 hasn't come out but i don't know if the Lumia 720 will get the updates. Android on the other hand (sense 5 in particular) looks really... I don't know but not as clean as WP8. Android has a really healthy amount of apps that would work on the M4 (some games don't work on the Nokia Lumia 720). I really appreciate what the M4 will hopefully have apposed to the nokia lumia 720 such as the 720p screen, processor, and 2gbs of RAM. Tell me what you think is better for me.