Moment-by-moment prediction of WWDC 2013 Keynote presentation

Section 1: Apple's business recap / bragging (approx. 20-25 mins)

  • Cook walks on stage. People clap and cheer.
  • Cook talks about how wonderful it is to be at Apple
  • Cook talks about the post-PC era, and points out that PC sales have begun to decline.
  • Cook shows heartwarming video about some over-funded elementary school using iPads to teach children.
  • Cook shows various charts and graphs about iOS market share, including one that shows web browser usage and one that shows OS version distribution (e.g. most iOS users are running latest version of iOS, while most Android users are at least a generation behind, etc)
  • Cook talks about Apple retail. Shows off photographs of new "flagship" Apple Store in either Europe or Asia.
  • Cook shows video of this store on its grand opening:
    • Video shows scores of Apple retail employees lined up outside the store clapping and cheering at day 1 customers.
    • Video shows time lapse of the insanely over-crowded store
    • Video shows customers emerging from the store, struggling to hold up the 3 iPad Minis they just bought for some reason.
  • Video ends. Cook is back out.
  • Cook gives some figures about the App Store:
    • 1 bagillion apps on the App Store
    • 100 bagillion apps downloaded
    • 30 bagillion dollars paid to developers (Cook will use a graphic of a giant check written out to "Developers" on this slide)
  • Cook hands it over to Phil Schiller to talk about hardware refreshes

Section 2: Hardware refreshes (approx. 10-15 mins)

  • Schiller announces new Macbook Pros. They look exactly the same, but they're faster.
  • Schiller announces hardware refreshes for either iMac or Mac Pro (probably not both). Faster chips.
  • Schiller makes a big deal about "made in America."
  • Schiller announces that Apple TV will be getting 3 new content providers (from this selection: HBO Go, Amazon Instant, Vudu, CNN, NFL, some Chinese video service Americans have never heard of).
  • Schiller segues into iOS 7 (or, invites some other executive to the stage. For the purpose of this post, I'll assume that Schiller stays on stage to talk about iOS 7)

Section 3: iOS 7 (approx 50-60 minutes)

  • Schiller says the first tentpole feature is the new interface. He then proceeds to demo many existing system-standard apps on iOS for both iPhone and iPad. This will take a long time.
  • Schiller talks about new notifications system.
  • Schiller talks about improvements to iCloud. Makes remark about how they've "heard your complaints" (directed at audience of developers), and that they've really improved things.
  • Schiller talks about some new features of Game Center, shows off new UI.
  • Schiller introduces 3rd party developer to demo some new game that uses new Game Center features.
  • Schiller talks about new Siri features. Demo.

  • Schiller talks about iRadio (but I think they'll go with a different name, like iTunes DJ). Could be a new app, but probably built into existing Music app. Demo.
  • Schiller shows iOS 7 video featuring Jony Ive getting emotional over a user interface. Bob Mansfield and Eddy Cue both make an appearance.
  • Schiller invites Craig Federighi onto the stage to talk about OS X 10.9.

Section 4: OS X 10.9 (approx 30-40 minutes)

  • Federighi talks about some new tweaks to the UI. Demo.
  • Federighi talks about new finder. Demo.
  • Federighi talks about some new power-user features, like the ability to have 2 full-screen apps open at once. Demo where, for the second time in his career, Craig Federighi embarrasses himself in front of a world-wide audience by fumbling with the gestures.
  • "Hair Force One" talks about new game center features. Demo.
  • Federighi announces Siri for OS X. Demos pretty much all the Siri stuff we've already seen, except this time its on OS X.
  • Federighi announces Maps for OS X. Makes remark about how Maps have improved significantly over the last year.
  • Federighi announces new features to iWork (live collaboration perhaps? probably not)
  • Federighi invites 3rd party developer on stage to demo some new image creation/editing software.
  • Federighi shows OS X video featuring Jony Ive getting emotional over a user interface. Bob Mansfield and Eddy Cue both make an appearance.
  • Federighi wraps up and hands it back to Cook

Section 5: Closing remarks (approx 2-5 minutes)

  • Cook talks about how many sessions and labs are this year at WWDC.
  • Cook talks about how there's a lot to look forward to this year with Apple.
  • Fanboys everywhere genuinely expect Cook to announce "one more thing" such as an iTelevision or iWatch, despite the fact that the allotted 2 hours have elapsed, and Cook is already walking off the stage.
  • Cook makes no such announcement, and continues to walk off the stage.