I hope Apple goes too far with iOS 7

I saw the following in an LA Times story:

John Brewer, an independent app developer in Santa Cruz, hopes the overhaul doesn't go too far. "I like the iOS look and feel," Brewer said. "I hope they don't depart too dramatically from it. But some of those skeuomorphic things, that just seems like gratuitous stuff that needs to change."

I'm seeing this sentiment quite a bit. To me it smacks of "keep the stuff I like and get rid of the stuff I don't. But I doubt many of us could agree on what we like/don't like as individual elements. I think Apple taking the approach of small refinement i.e, just removing the gloss and getting rid of some of the worst skeuomorphic elements is a bad idea. Right now iOS is a bit of a mess because of that. Some apps have been redesigned removing the heavy skeumorphism, textures, gradients, etc. But others haven't changed giving iOS a mismatched feel overall.

I hope Apple goes big and bold with iOS 7. Pick a design language and make it permiate throughout the entire OS. Now is not the time to be timid. Now is the time to be bold. And with Jony Ive taking over Human Interface now is the time for him to show us his vision, not just tweak someone else's previous design. I hope that's what we see on Monday.