PRISM + A Compulsory Kinect


How many years from now do we find out that what Microsoft said they'd do or won't do with the compulsory Kinect camera on Xbox One is irrelevant?

And it has been used to feed PRISM or some other Government tool to spy on the population turning everyone into suspects until they've checked you're innocent, but they'll still watch you anyway.

The always-on mic listening to everything you say, waiting to hear those magic words "Xbox on". The always listening mic listening to everything you say, feeding it to Government servers for them to listen in, share with other countries, get hacked into by the Russians & Chinese.

The camera secretly watching without you knowing.

Of course, this will never happen & if it does it will all be without Microsoft's knowledge, won't it?

It may not be that far fetched as Governments have long showed interest in gaming chat services being used to communicate away from email/IM and other things that they eavesdrop on. What could be better than a trojan horse into hundred million+ homes?