I finally saw the One yesterday....

and got a decent amount of time to play with it. I must say that I'm fairly unimpressed with the phone. For the way people have been reviewing it, I was surprised.

Let me throw a disclaimer out there. This isn't a post about how great the GS4 is. The think the GS4's build is unimpressive as well, but we'll get to that in a few minutes.

The build quality while having metal isn't that great to me. It stills has the white polycarbonate going around the edges, back, and that awkward thong piece around the camera. The white looks horrible after some use. My buddies looked almost like a pussy yellow. This may not be the case with all of them, but the few I've seen have been. I'll give it that it does feel good on the hand, but 2 of them that I've seen also appears to have some gaps.

On the software side, I could live with Blinkfeed, but when I opened the app tray, I immediately had a WTF moment. What's up with the 3 rows of icons? It's hideous looking.

The display looked fantastic and was super sharp, but the capacitive button layout is the biggest fudge up of it all. It's so awkward and unintuitive feeling.

I think the One in black with stock Android and a normal button layout would be killer.

With all that said and no to inflame the HTC fanboys too much, the build of the GS4 is about the same in my mind. It's just not impressive and Touchwiz is a nightmare. Although the GS3 was still plastic too, it didn't have that odd looking dotted pattern. I think if they'd went with the older pattern (GS3), then it would have at least looked a bit better.

I have always like Motorola phone (not as much the past couple of years), but have high hopes for the X.