4.3/KLP. What are you waiting for?

So, there's no news on any imminent arrival of the next edition of Android. Instead, a lot of the core apps have been blessed with fairly decent updates.

So, what are we still waiting for in 4.3/KLP?

Will it be a load of behind the scene tweeks (better butter, roadrunner etc.) with no forward facing changes? Or will Android feel the pressure with iOS 7's cosmetic makeover and go for one of its own?

I hope that changes are mostly behind the scenes when it eventually does appear. I'd rather they focus on polish and service for a while before trying once again to make it 'look' new. I think this is why there hasn't been any news on an update for months; they are trying to concentrate on more important issues than a number bump.

What are your thoughts? What do you want to see? What is it we are still waiting for?