More People Hub Integration - Concept Ideas

This is a follow up to my previous concepts which show new personalisation and notification improvements.

Bringing the good from Windows 8, to Windows Phone and More - Concept Ideas

I use the current people hub every day, and many times through out the day. It is my preferred way to browse my Twitter and Facebook updates when I wake up etc. However Microsoft are missing a trick by being the only ones who can add services to the hub.

By enabling apps to push their status updates and services into the various content hubs on the phone, it could make them infinitely more delightful and powerful. So I propose two basic ideas which could make this possible.

1. Create a varied set of item templates, as they do with the Live Tiles in Windows 8, and allow social apps to hook their services into the hub, specifying templates to use for certain updates

2. Allow apps to design their own XAML data templates, and provide specification for their service to the OS, so it can grab the data in a battery efficient way, whilst providing customised layouts for certain post types.

With that in mind, here are some basic ideas for a common "language" of design layouts that could accommodate various social updates, grouped by service. Please note, these are just the layouts that appear in the "What's New" feeds in the hubs. Tapping on the item will open a dedicated screen with more detailed and customised display of actions and information. Of which I have not yet made examples.


Tumblr - People Hub Integration


Twitter - People Hub Integration


Instagram - People Hub Integration


Facebook - People Hub Integration

Once again I look forward to hearing your responses to these ideas. I may do a few examples of the full screen items, as well as collate the layouts onto a single image with placeholder text etc. But for now these are the main ideas I have been mulling over for some time now, and am glad to have finally "actualised" them for others to see.