Another Thing That Could Be "Flattened" Tomorrow

I think it would be fair to say that we're on the verge (oh man that one is so old) of seeing the start of a fairly dramatic shift for Apple.

Starting at WWDC tomorrow, Apple will likely start the reinvention and unification of its software into a Jony Ive-inspired thing of beauty. But of course, there is much more, visually, to Apple as an entire company than just the look of its software. I'm sure it's to be expected that their website, for example, will get at least somewhat of a makeover in the coming days, weeks, or months. But I've thought of another big thing will literally take the stage tomorrow that may well have gotten a refreshed look to it.

I'm talking about the Keynote itself. The style and the fonts in particular have changed a lot over the years:

iPod Introduction (2001):


WWDC 2003:


WWDC 2004:


WWDC 2010:


Apple Special Event (Oct. 2012):


By simply skimming through these pictures, it's easy to see that there has been a trend of "simplifying" the Keynote for most of the past decade. Gone are the days of the bright and bubbly backgrounds. Even the subtle blue "Gradient" theme has given way to a monochromatic variant in the last 3 years.

Another whole aspect to the Keynote that could change is the transitions and "Build in" of the objects in the presentation. In the past, Apple has used everything from "Anvil" (the one where the word drops from the top and pounds in a cloud of dust at the bottom) to "Flash Bulbs" (which mimics about 15-20 sudden flashes of paparazzi cameras).

To sum up, I think that with such a design-oriented change in the works at Apple, there is a possibility to see a different kind of Keynote - in a literal form - tomorrow. What would you guys think about this hypothesis? Would you expect an even flatter Keynote tomorrow? Perhaps one with Helvetica Ultralight (although that may be hard to see/read)?

Like most of us here, I'll be watching and waiting for Tim Cook to take the stage tomorrow at 10am. Excited!