Sleek, flat lock screen, last concept ahead of WWDC (one image only)

So let me just throw this out before tomorrow, it's not really a concept. It's just a little something a threw together quickly and shoddily just now when I should be sleeping, (school hasn't ended just yet)! So this is more of a "this is the direction I'd like to see Apple go with iOS 7. As you can see it's the lock screen with music controls brought up. I didn't change anything big, it still works the same, it just got a fresh coat of paint.

If this was to be unveiled tomorrow I would get very disappointed, I think the "slide to unlock" button locks like shit. Again, this is just a general idea of what I'd like to see. (I don't think they've made something like this though).

In the comments I'd like you to tell me if you like the overall aesthetic of this mockup, if you don't, describe what you would want instead. Also, what functional improvements would you like for the lock screen? And do you think Apple can change the unlock mechanism, or is "slide to unlock" to iconic and familiar to users?