Growing up, I read constantly. I read at the breakfast table, on the bus, in class (though usually not the book I was supposed to be reading), at lunch, at home, and in bed. My parents mostly supported my bibliophilia, save one weird habit: I used to read in the shower. I would stand in there, water running down my back, holding my book out and reading. I'd do this for hours, given the chance — eventually, my mom learned to bang on the bathroom door 10 minutes after I'd started "showering" and yell "Put the book down!" Then she'd smell my hair to make sure I'd put Matt Christopher down long enough to actually use shampoo.

My habits have changed since then, but I miss all the reading time I once had. Which is why, when the waterproof Sony Xperia Tablet Z came into The Verge's office, I knew exactly how I needed to test the $499 slate. From the shower to the pool and everywhere in between, this light, thin Android tablet seemed like the perfect companion for reading, and even watching movies and listening to music.

Plus, I just started reading Dan Brown's new book, Inferno, and putting it down is virtually impossible. So, with apologies to my mom and the New York City water supply, I grabbed my Tablet Z and hopped in the shower.