How developers should adapt their apps to 8.1

  • New app views for new window sizes (currently, most apps switch to snap view at a certain window size, filling the rest of the window up with empty grey space)
  • Ability to run in multiple windows (this is not supported by all apps by default)
  • Large live tile
  • Intelligent automatic resizing of windows when another app is opened from within the app (mail app does this with links and attachments)
  • Quick access to contextual search (in-app search button/box, start typing to search) (search charm in 8.1 does universal search by default)
  • Quick link to app's home screen (in app bar), and refresh content/view automatically or via refresh-button (in 8.1 apps don't reload from scratch by default when opened)
  • Adjust colour of marked text and touch cursor to app theme colour (as in preinstalled 8.1 apps)
  • web developers should consider creating live tiles for pinned links (guide: