Which phone should I try to buy? (I need a strategy here!)

Let me start off by pre-emptively apologising. I know that these "which phone should I get?" threads are really common, and not very interesting for other people on the forum. Nonetheless, I could use some advice here.

My Gnex is getting a bit long-in tooth, and is reaching the end of it's 2-year upgrade cycle. I would like to upgrade within the next 6 months. I only have two requirements in a smartphone: I want something that 1) is fast and 2) runs AOSP. I am a Nexus Warrior(tm) - I shall not use manufacturer skins.

However, I have a problem - phones that run stock Android are very difficult to obtain in my country. We don't have access to the devices section on Google Play, and none of our cellular networks carry the Nexus 4.

Fortunately, there is one potential solution that presents itself! I have a friend who is moving to the US next week, and is briefly coming home in October for a wedding. He has said that he would be willing to buy a phone and bring it back for me. Unfortunately, I understand that the next Google event will also be in October. Assuming that the next Nexus (which for convenience' sake I shall call the Nexus 4.2, since I believe that the "4" in "Nexus 4" refers to the screen size and not the generation) is announced, it will probably be at another 1-2 months before it possible to buy one. This will be too late for my friend to buy one.

Alternatively, I am under the impression that the Motorola "X phone" will be probably be announced soon.

Finally, there are the Google Play Editions of the S4, HTC One, and possibly the Xperia Z to consider.

If this is the case, my options will be as follows:

1. Get my friend to buy me a Nexus 4. It's only one generation ahead of my Gnex, but I certainly can't argue with the price.

2. Get my friend to buy me an S4 or HTC One Google Edition. A nice option, but an expensive one. (Also, hate the button configuration on both of them.)

3. Get my friend to buy me a Motorola X-phone from the Play Store. This assumes that such a thing will be available.

4. Don't get anything from my friend. Wait for the Nexus 4.2 to come out, and then figure out another way to get one. This also potentially an expensive choice - companies that import Nexus devices unofficially tend to charge at least double the price listed on the Play Store.

This is why I need a strategy. My friend's visit back home from the US is essentially a one-time, not-to-be-repeated resource. I need to use it wisely. For example, what happens if I get the X-phone, and then the Nexus 4.2 comes out a few weeks later, and it's an amazing device that destroys the X-phone in every possible way? Then I'll be sad. Alternatively, what if I hold out for the Nexus 4.2, and turns out to be no better than the X-phone? Then I'll have wasted my precious resource. What if I get the S4 Google Edition, and the hardware menu button causes me to flip out and fling the phone from a high window in an enraged frenzy? I need to consider all the possible scenarios here!