Xbox Music Pass Question

I've used Xbox Music across PCs for a while, and it flawlessly played me songs both from my collection that I'd matched from iTunes and ripped off CDs, and songs from my Xbox music collection (songs I'd added to my collection from listing to the smart radio, looking up artists, etc.). My free trial ended a while ago, though, so I haven't used it since.

Now, I got my Windows Phone, where I'm also logged into Xbox Music, but the songs in my Xbox Music Library--both those I matched from my computer and the ones I added to my collection directly from the app--aren't showing up; only local files (the ones I dragged and dropped onto the phone via my computer are).

So my question is, if I get an Xbox Music Pass, will I have full access to all the songs in my library on my phone? That is, matched songs that were available across PCs no matter which one had the original file, songs stored locally on my phone, and songs I added on Xbox Music itself.