With Don Mattrick out, is it time for J. Allard's return?


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People familiar with Xbox history know that J. Allard was well liked and viewed by many as the "Father of the Xbox". Amidst the rumors of a major Microsoft restructuring, it seems like J. Allard (if he's willing) could easily take the helm of the Xbox One and help fix the E3 aftermath.

On Windows Weekly ep. 315 (at the 1:44:13 mark) Mary Jo Foley shared a rumor that J. Allard might be making a return to Microsoft.

A popular sentiment towards Microsoft and its approach to the Xbox One is that the company is disconnected, notwithstanding their recent policy changes. Gamertag Radio posted "An Open Letter to Don Mattrick" and attached interviews with old Xbox execs that exhibited the contrary; Microsoft seemed genuinely engaged with the community. After listening to Allard's interview, I really wanted Mary J. Foley's rumor to be true. Allard's enthusiasm and sincerity towards core gamers could be the change the Xbox One needs.

What say you?